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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions B2B 

The following terms and conditions apply to the extent that they are not waived by any other agreement between the parties.


All prices are exclusive of VAT and subject to increases in materials, wages and possibly legal changes unless otherwise stated. In the case of fixed prices, these apply within the periods specified with regard to acceptance and delivery deadlines.


Freight is added at the bottom of the invoice or as agreed.

Property rights:

The ownership of the products supplied is of Hultquist Copenhagen, A & O Hultquist ApS. The buyer only has the rights in which are agreed upon purchase agreement. The ownership of delivered products is property of Hultquist Copenhagen, A & O Hultquist ApS until these are fully paid. Ownership, copyright and other rights to the products belongs to Hultquist Copenhagen, A & O Hultquist ApS, which also has the right to act if the buyer violates the purchase agreement.

It is not allowed for the buyer:

– to copy the delivered product.

– to copy the supplied hardware or software for purposes other than backup and archiving.


A purchase is final when Hultquist Copenhagen has confirmed the order in writing by submitting an invoice. After that the order can not be canceled, altered or postponed by the buyer without written acceptance from Hultquist Copenhagen, and only for payment of any costs, and for cash payment of the goods, stored at the buyer’s expense and risk.


Delivery is made by:

Hultquist Copenhagen,

Rentemestervej 69 A,

2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark.

Any shipment takes place at the buyer’s expense and risk unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Delivery time:

Delivery time is usually expected to be 14 days from Hultquist Copenhagen receipt of the order. Delivery time may be longer at busy periods such as fairs. Any subsequent delivery does not entitle the buyer to withdraw the trade prior to mutual written agreement. In case of delay in delivery due to the buyer’s relationship, delivery time will be extended to the extent that it is considered reasonable.

Force majeure:

The supplier is not liable for failure to fulfill its obligations as a result of force majeure, war, riots, unrest, government intervention, strike, lockout, export and/or import bans, missing, inadequate or delayed deliveries from subcontractors, labor shortage, fuel, driving power, accident in manufacture or testing, mobilization, currency restrictions, lack of means of transport or any other reason which is beyond the control of the supplier and which is suitable for delaying or preventing the manufacture and delivery of the goods. If defective or timely delivery is temporarily impeded by one or more of the above mentioned, the delivery time is postponed for a period corresponding to the impediment duration, and delivery to the thus deferred delivery time is considered in every respect for timely. However, if the delivery barrier is expected to last for more than three months, the seller shall be entitled to cancel the order / offer submitted.

Defects and deficiencies:

Hultquist Copenhagen concludes that the goods delivered are of usual good quality in terms of materials, tolerances and processing. If, within one year, defects in delivered goods could be detected, Hultquist Copenhagen undertakes, at its option, either for free, for the buyer to exchange or repair the defective goods upon delivery of new equivalent goods to the buyer, or to credit the buyer for the defective goods against return of these. The aforementioned duties are conditional on the announcement in writing to Hultquist Copenhagen, no later than 8 days after receipt. Hultquist Copenhagen is not liable for errors or omissions attributable to improper handling, transportation, storage, assembly or otherwise negligence by anyone other than Hultquist Copenhagen, or for unusual or usual wear and tear.


Payment terms are stated on the invoice. If no payment terms are stated, the following applies: Net cash 8 days from invoice date. If payment is not timely, interest is calculated 2% per month commenced. If the buyer’s ability to pay or the conclusion of the agreement after Hultquist Copenhagen estimates is significantly reduced.

Product liability:

If one of Hultquist Copenhagen’s products causes damage to a person as a result of a defect in the product, Hultquist Copenhagen is liable only to the extent that the responsibility according to the general rules of law may be imposed on the seller. The supplier is not liable for damage to the goods of the buyer or Hultquist Copenhagen, caused by defects in the delivered product, provided that the item in question is for professional use. The liability of the supplier does not in any event include operating loss, loss of time, loss of profits or other indirect loss incurred by the purchaser or third party. Hultquist Copenhagen also disclaims liability for products which include materials supplied by the buyer and for products manufactured by the buyer incorporating materials supplied by Hultquist Copenhagen, unless the damage is attributable to Hultquist Copenhagen’s product. Should Hultquist Copenhagen be subject to product liability to third parties as a result of products delivered to the buyer, the buyer is obliged to indemnify the supplier to the same extent as the supplier above has limited his liability.

Complaints and return of goods:

Any defects or defects in delivery from Hultquist Copenhagen must be relied upon within 8 days after the error has been discovered. It is the duty of the buyer / distributor to indicate and, on request, show how the defect or defect is expressed. The buyer can only complain about errors that occur within 2 years after the item has been delivered. If the buyer discovers an error, the buyer must promptly contact info@hultquist.dk.

Goods must be returned to:

Hultquist Copenhagen,

Rentemestervej 69 A,

2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark.

Please note that we do not receive packages sent by post. Please provide adequate information describing errors or omissions and reasons.

Right of cancellations:

Orders can only be cancelled before delivery.


Hultquist-Copenhagen reserves the right to continuously update our terms of trade.